A Facebook™/Instagram™ Ads Specialist

helping you FILL UP your courses and programs

with people excited to work with you!

If you're ready to STOP wasting hours on YouTube trying to figure out

how to run profitable ads and STILL not getting results,

Book a FREE discovery call today!

You’re a passionate, success-driven entrepreneur who’s hustling your heart out, ready to take the world by storm and change lives.

You know you have what it takes to create massive impact with your courses and programs, and you're

SO ready to share your knowledge.

The only thing holding you back?

You don’t know where to start with your marketing or how to structure, automate and deliver your life-changing offers in a way that will resonate with your dream clients.

You’re stuck on how to use the ads platforms, how to word your sales emails, and how to get the tech stuff all set up and working.

You may already have something in place, but it’s

not quite converting or doesn’t mirror your true passion & doesn’t speak directly to the hearts of your ideal customers.

OR you're doing everything by yourself, resulting in total frustration...or the edge of burnout.

Here's the truth:

Running ads, building funnels, and crafting sales emails take a long time to master,

and most entrepreneurs don't have the extra time it would take to DIY their marketing

with a true return on their investment.

I'm a mom of 3 originally from Houston, TX, and I help coaches and course creators run Facebook™ and Instagram™ ads that beautifully convert for their signature offers, online courses, events, & masterminds. I also help with the funnels and emails.

My background is as an executive virtual assistant and business analyst for a tech company. In both of those areas, I found a love of combining tech and creativity.

After a few years, I started to niche down and only focus on helping entrepreneurs generate more leads & sales, so I could have a skill that I understood deeply and could use to provide maximum impact.

I've worked with leaders across multiple fields, and one of my clients has been featured on Good Morning America and every major news station there is. With ads, I immediately grew his email list by 30% in one week, and I've helped other clients have their biggest course launches ever!

My ultimate goal is to be the go-to person for course creators and coaches

when it comes to building automated lead gen and course selling machines .

I'm as obsessed about your results as you are.

to STOP spending ALL of your time figuring out your marketing and just be able to FOCUS on your clients' transformations.

to build a business that YOU manage, instead of one that manages you.

to have the FREEDOM to go on more vacations and be at all of your kids' activities, instead of stressing about how to fill your client roster and sell your courses.

That's exactly where I can help!

I run a boutique agency that provides you with a personalized marketing strategy

to support your ad campaigns. This includes ad copy and creative, funnel help,

email sequences, and social content strategies to engage your audience.

Launching strategic, laser-targeted, done-for-you Facebook™ and Instagram™ ads. The secret is in my method. I'll craft ad creatives that speak to the heart of your ideal clients, to fill up your course rosters with your perfect people.

Creating profitable funnels is harder than ever… but it’s what I do best! I specialize in funnel builds, utilizing today’s best practices. My funnels generate qualified leads even in today’s increasingly saturated market.

EVERY word matters! When crafting email copy, I spend the time to do it right. I research your competitors and deep dive into your niche, as well as the needs of your clients. My emails nurture and convert long after someone has left your page.

And it doesn’t end there... I am not like some ads managers who

set up ads and just leave them. I monitor and test relentlessly

to make sure you get the most bang for your buck.

If we're a perfect fit

Here's what you'll get

Book Your Discovery Call

When you book a discovery call, it won't be an aggressive sales pitch. It'll be a regular conversation: I'll get to know you, the history of your business, and what your goals are. I'll also suggest how I might be able to help, and we can see if we're a good match.

Hold 2 on-boarding sessions using Sarah Mae Ives' CARE Method

If we decide to move forward, I'll walk you through our unique on-boarding process developed by ads expert Sarah Mae Ives. The goal is to make sure I'm crystal clear on who your ideal customer is and develop the perfect funnel/ad/email strategy to meet your specific needs.

Create your ads, build your funnel, write your emails

For the first month, there is usually a lot of technical set-up to do, depending on where you are in your business. It might be as simple as one ad campaign or as complex as the whole package. After that, it's on to testing and optimizing.

Hold weekly check-ins

Communication is key for success. Whether by phone, email, or Zoom (your preference), I'll report on the previous week and set goals for the week ahead, so you always know where your projects stand. I work with you like a team member, so we can

collaborate toward success.

Use my mastermind when

I get stuck

I pay a lot to be a part of a mastermind of expert ads managers. Whenever I have a question on the best strategy or a solution to your unique problem, I have access to them. And by extension, so do you!

AND... I'm a total software nerd.

Here are a few I've worked with in addition to graphics tools like Adobe products and Canva.

But, if yours isn't listed, I guarantee I can learn it quickly.

Jeff Struecker: Speaker, Author, Podcaster, Pastor

Ready To Build, Design & Automate

your marketing machine?

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