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5 Tips for Creating Content Faster and Never Staring at a Blinking Cursor

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Do you ever notice that some people are content writing machines, while others struggle to get one post out per week? Sure, many entrepreneurs are in a position to be able to hire a team, which majorly helps with getting content out… but what about those just starting out? 


Sometimes you have SO many ideas, but you just don’t have time to get them all on paper (or screen). Other times, you have NO idea what to write about, and you find yourself staring at that dreaded blinking cursor. 


As an affiliate marketer, you still need to regularly produce your own, original content, so today, I’m going to give 5 tips to help you get your content created faster, so you can spend more time working on other parts of your business, and avoid ever stressing about a blank page and wasting precious minutes.


Tip 1: Purchased Content Calendars


If you just need a little help getting started, there are MANY awesome entrepreneurs out there who have created content calendars with post ideas ready-made. Some of their content might resonate with you, and some not, but if you have a LOT to choose from, chances are, when you are out of ideas, one of their pre-written posts can jog your brain or you can take it and just tweak it to sound more like your voice.


This could also save you money if you don’t have much during this beginning stage of your business and you are not able to hire a virtual assistant to make monthly content calendars for you. For a fraction of the cost, you can have MONTHS-worth already done, and you just have to make small changes.

One example of someone who has created content for you to tweak is Rachel Miller. Check out her website!


Tip 2: Always Take Notes


If you struggle to come up with content ideas, don’t worry. Ideas are closer than you think. It just takes practice to look around you and relate what you see to stories that tie into business. 


For example, I was watching my son’s baseball team and thinking about how much they have improved over the season. They started out terrible, and now they are a pretty good team. That didn’t happen by accident.They have been practicing almost every day. They didn’t just say, “I wasn’t born with the talent.” They worked hard and became more talented. Just like in our businesses, there are things we are bad at now, because we are beginners. But that doesn’t mean that we can’t get good with practice. 


Be watching for things that relate to your business, and write them down. Keep a running list. Also, always take notes when you are listening to podcasts, on coaching calls, or reading blogs. Your notes will become the basis for your content, and if you are always taking notes, you are always full of new ideas. 


Tip 3: Batch Create and Schedule


I’ve got to be honest. I’m not so great at this one. But when I do it, I am SO much more productive. When you create days or weeks-worth of content at the same time, you are in that mode. You don’t have to set up and tear down multiple times (if you are recording a video), and you don’t have to get in that mindset again and again. 


You then schedule out that content for days, weeks, or months in the future, and your audience is hearing from you regularly without you having to stress about it every single time a post should go out. 


You can schedule videos on YouTube, and you can schedule Facebook and Instagram posts in the content studio through Facebook. OR you can use tools like Buffer or Hootsuite as third party schedulers (most have free and paid plans). In WordPress, you can schedule your blog posts to go out when you want, so your audience can hear from you regularly without you stressing about it.


Tip 4: Use Your Car Time


I have 3 kids. So, there are times when I’m in the car on the way to pick them up from school or their lessons (when they are not in the car), and rather than listen to the radio, I make voice recordings or quick videos. I also use time while I am watching my son’s baseball practice, cooking dinner, or folding laundry. Whether my mind is forming ideas or those ideas are going into voice recordings, I am creating content while doing other regular tasks. 


Tip 5: Repurpose


Transcripts are valuable time-saving tools. You might be someone who, like my brother, can talk about a subject for an hour, but if you have him write it out, he can’t. If that’s you, you should record yourself giving an entire talk or having a conversation with someone about a business topic, and get it transcribed through It’s relatively inexpensive, but with that transcript, you can tweak it to be a blog post, a chapter of a book, or turn it into a PDF to give away. You can also pull quotes for social media or break one talk up into multiple blog posts. If you use the audio for a podcast, the transcript can be used for show notes. 


We all need to be more careful without time, and content creation can take up WAY more time than it needs to if we are not strategic. Let me know if you’ve used one or more of these tips in YOUR business…or if you have any other ideas to add to the list.

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