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The Affiliate Marketing Journey Begins…

From career woman to stay-at-home mom to freelancer to marketer


Phase 1: Mom


The very first post on my new blog.

I’ll start by telling you that my name is Rosie: just a regular mom/freelancer from Houston, Texas.I’d like to say that I am an expert in the online world and that I have loads of stuff to teach you. The truth is, I’m still learning myself! Well… I have 4 years-worth of stuff to teach, but we’ll get to that.


When I was in my 20’s, I finished college, lived in  Vienna, Austria for a year, worked as a business analyst/project coordinator for a tech company, and got a master’s degree. I was on my way to being a career woman, earning a nice income, and becoming an expert in a field.


Then I became a mom.


I had already told my husband that when we had kids, I wanted to stay home with them, because I wouldn’t be able to juggle a career and kids like so many more capable women are able to do. Thankfully, we had the financial stability for me to be able to stay home, and one year turned into two….which turned into eight.


Eight years and 3 kids later, I looked at my skills and realized all I could do now was change diapers and play with dolls and blocks! The tech world had passed me by.


When I decided that I wanted to re-enter the workforce, I was so far behind, I thought I would NEVER catch up. I felt helpless and didn’t know where to begin.


I felt like a minimum wage job was my only option while I was learning some new skills. But how was I even going to get a job that would work with my schedule?


Phase 2: Assistant


Little did I know, just as I was thinking about what I might want to do for a job, the lead pastor of our church was in need of a new assistant! The job wasn’t going to pay much (right around minimum wage), but my kids went to the school attached to the church, and my husband worked in that school as a teacher and varsity football coach. So, at least we could all be together on one campus.


Plus, I had spent my time at home (and years before that) studying the Bible, theology, apologetics, and church history. So, that did equip me for some of the things I would be asked to do.


When I first started, I had never used a Mac before. I felt like a 3-yr-old trying to figure out that darn trackpad. I also didn’t know anything about cloud-based software or the back end of a website. (Remember, I had been out of the workforce for eight years).


Little by little, I started to learn, and for the next 2 years, I built up a nice set of skills as an in-office executive assistant. I managed email, edited everything that would be published, managed the pastor’s schedule, managed his travel/speaking business, transcribed/posted the sermons online every week, and did a variety of admin tasks for the church.

Then, something awful happened…


Phase 3: Freelancer


When you are an assistant, you build a working relationship with your leader like no other. That is, of course, when the right leader meets the right assistant. When it works, it works, and there is both a strong trust and a strong sense of loyalty. That is how it was with my leader.


In March of 2019, 2 years after I started working at the church, I was told that my leader (the pastor I worked for) was going to resign. He hadn’t done anything wrong; there were just some irreconcilable differences between him and other leaders. To say this was a blow to me is an understatement. I felt physically sick when receiving the news.


Over the next 3 months, I watched and tried to help as much as I could through the process of his resignation and turning over leadership. It is strange, but aside from my dad’s death, I have never gone through anything so painful in my life. I was close to everyone on the leadership team, and to watch them tear apart was (dare I say) traumatic.


When all was said and done, I thought about what I wanted to do. I felt lost. When you are an assistant, your job IS your leader: making sure that person has everything he or she needs for every meeting and situation. When your leader is gone, your job feels gone (though yes, one can get used to a new leader. But, that takes a lot of time).


It turns out, it was a blessing in disguise. I realized that I really had been wanting to get out of an office, and I really wanted to make more than slightly above minimum wage. For 8 years, I had been able to do things MY way on MY timetable as I was raising my babies. It really had been hard to be confined to a desk again. Also, after what I had been through, the idea of starting my own business with MULTIPLE clients was quite appealing. I wouldn’t have “all of my eggs in one basket”, so to speak.


So, I left my job and started a business (more posts on that in the future).


I have always been an editor, and much of my knowledge was in the world of theology. So, my business became helping pastors publish their sermons as books on Amazon.  To my surprise, it turns out there is a quite a demand for this service, and I have a steady stream of clients. Life is good, right?!


Well, yes and no.


Phase 4: Marketer


Don’t get me wrong. I LOVE what I do as a freelancer, and I intend to keep doing it for a long time. I have gotten three certifications in online business, and I make good money. It’s the perfect service for me. BUT, I only have so much time, and the idea of building a team right now is daunting. Therefore, I am capped at how much I can scale, because there are only so many hours in a day, and I can only take on so many projects. 


What is a freelancer to do???? –Enter marketing.


As a freelancer, you quickly learn that the king of skills in an online business is marketing. Basically, your product is only as good as your marketing, because if you have something great, but you can’t sell it, you are done. So, when you start an online business, you start learning marketing. It’s not long before you learn about sales funnels, copywriting, basic graphic design, etc.


However, though you know sales funnels are the way to go, and you can build them, what do you do if you don’t have a product to sell or if you don’t have time to create a quality product? Like I said, with services, you only have so many hours, so your sales get capped. You need an info-product or physical product that you can sell a lot of without it taking up a lot more of your time.


THIS is why affiliate marketing can be the way to go for many people learning marketing. If you find a high-quality product you already LOVE and use, you can sell that naturally (because you already talk about it a lot), and at the same time, you are learning marketing and not creating a sub-par product for lack of time. 


My adventure in affiliate marketing began in October of 2020. My product? Dean Holland’s book, The Iceberg Effect. Dean and his team have already changed my life, and on this blog, I will walk through this journey of learning affiliate marketing. I’ll share the highs, lows, ups, downs, and everything in between. I can’t wait to get to know you and your journey, and perhaps we can help each other!

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