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How to learn the highest-paying skills on the internet without having to create your own product

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If you’ve ever Googled “How to make money online”, chances are, you came across thousands of options -some legit, and some…not so legit. Trust me; after being a stay-at-home mom for 8 years, that was me.


After Googling, you decided that selling a product can grow your income faster than selling a service, because you are not trading hours for dollars. 


BUT, if you are just starting out, it’s really daunting to try to learn how to create a quality product with all of the tech, payment setup, and customer service while ALSO trying to learn how to master marketing and selling. 

By far, the highest paying-most valuable skills on the internet are around digital marketing. So it pays to take the time to learn them. And a perfect way to do that is with affiliate marketing. 


With affiliate marketing, you leverage someone else’s awesome product and sell it, and earn a commission on each sale. That way, you focus ONLY on generating traffic. 


Now, you might think, Hmmm. Affiliate marketers seem scammy and spammy. -and some are. I have learned that some are, but the real ones aren’t. It’s really no different than selling any other product you did not create, the same as if you own a physical store like a boutique or jewelry store. The difference is that this is entirely online. In both cases, the best marketers are genuine, they sell from the heart, and they truly love the product they are recommending. 


But not all affiliate companies are created equal. In a lot of cases, you only earn a small commission, and so you have to make a LOT of sales for it to be worth your time. What you want is a company that pays you commissions on the frontend AND backend, meaning you can keep earning after that first initial sale. 


I am a freelance editor, and so, from being in the freelance world, I quickly learned what skills are in the highest demand online. Affiliate marketing is teaching me those in-demand skills like traffic, email sequences, and funnels, while building an additional source of income for me.


My friend and mentor (and multi million dollar entrepreneur), Dean Holland, has written a free book on how he got started from exactly where you are and what you should focus on as you learn to be a master online marketer. Click here to get your free copy. You just pay a small shipping charge. 


No pressure, but reading his book can help you decide if being an affiliate marketer is right for you or not. 


I hope that helps. Take care. 

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