Facebook live to a group

My First Facebook Live to a Group

Okay guys…this week I did a thing.


I have always been TERRIFIED of going live in Facebook. I don’t mind pre-recording videos. In that case you have a safety net called a “re-do”. I see others go live all the time, and it looks so easy, but maybe like you, I have always thought:


What if I stumble over my words?

What if I try it, and the tech doesn’t work out?

What if I go blank?

What if I’m talking to nobody?

What if it’s totally boring?

How do I know what to day?


This week, one of my marketing coaches challenged members of our Facebook community to go live in the group for just a few minutes. Only a few of us actually did.


Twice, I talked myself out of it until one day, I decided I would just do it before I could talk myself out of it again. I WANTED to tackle this fear, and I wanted that small bit of personal growth (and when you challenge me to do something, that’s the best way to get me to do it).


So, I pressed the button and did it. 


my first Facebook live
That’s me: nervous, but doing it


Yes, it was totally terrifying, and there were times that I stumbled over my words and had way to many “Ummm’s” and “Uhhh’s”, BUT I also learned a few things.


1. Not as scary as I thought

More often than not, those things we fear SO much are not as bad as we think. You finally do it, and think, “Oh! That wasn’t so hard. Why have I made it out to be this huge thing?” 



2. Let’s do it again!

When you finally do that thing (regardless of if it was great or a disaster), you are just so proud of yourself for doing it, that you get a rush of excitement. You want to do it again! –and that is how improvements are made.


3. Support and Skills

If done in the right environment, people can be very supportive, and you walk away with new skills! Sure, there might be some hecklers, but overwhelmingly, we all love to see people do something for the first time (or watch them grow), and most people will be nice about it. Now I know HOW to go live, and I know what parts seem to fluster me, so I know what to work on. 


Tip: Our coach also suggested that we start a group with no members in it as a safe place to practice going live. I’ve done this, and after taking that first leap, I’m practicing to improve every week. 


Are you a live video beginner or pro? What are your thoughts about it? Let me know in the comments.


P.S. — If you need to upgrade your mindset and overcome your marketing hurdles, read Dean Holland’s book The Iceberg Effect. It’s free! All you pay is shipping.


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