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Why You Should Learn Marketing BEFORE Creating a Product to Sell


Learn marketing first

Often, in business, we think, “I have the perfect idea for a product, and I KNOW it will do great in the marketplace,” -without actually knowing if anyone would buy it. 


We spend time, energy, and money (sometimes a LOT) to create that perfect product, only to find out that when we open up shop, 1) we don’t know how to sell it, and 2) no one ends up buying it, because it turns out there’s not a market for that thing! 


It’s enough to dishearten and discourage the strongest of entrepreneurs. 


I, on the other hand, strongly believe it should be the other way around. I believe you should learn marketing FIRST and then create your product. And I’ll give you 3 reasons why…


1) You learn how to do market research


Before you create a product, you need to know if there is a market for that product. You might, for example, have an idea to make and sell artwork that has your own “unique” style. Your friends and family have said it looks amazing, but… maybe they were just saying that to make you feel good.


Before mass producing something or spending a lot of hours, you need to know how to go out into the marketplace and find out if there is actually a demand for the product you have in mind. 


By learning marketing first, you learn 

-how to do surveys

-how to look and see what the leaders are doing in the marketplace

-how to look behind the scenes at competitors and see what sells the best

-how to search keywords around your product and see how well they perform

-how to do testing


Without knowing how to research first, you are taking a huge gamble. Why not learn how to be certain of what is selling well right now to save yourself time, money, and frustration?


2) Your product is only as good as your ability to sell it


If you don’t have a partner in your business who already knows how to sell, and you know you will be doing that part yourself, it would benefit you to learn those skills first


By learning sales techniques, you learn how to position your product in the marketplace, based on what will cause people to buy it. 


You know what angles you’ll be using, and you can create your product accordingly. 


I always say that your product is only as good as your ability to sell it. You really might have the best product in the world, but if you cannot market it, you will not make any money and thus, not be able to make more of it to benefit potential customers. 


If you know HOW you are going to sell it before you create it, that makes a difference in the wording you will use WITHIN the product.


I know some musicians who are FAR better than some of the most popular musicians out there, but these guys just are not as good at marketing (or don’t have a team of marketers around them), and therefore, their superior music cannot be heard by thousands who would love it.


Getting your product into the hands of people who need it is a skill unto itself, and knowing how to sell it before you make it gives you a huge advantage.


3. You make your packaging, online design, and wording within the product to match your target audience


This one is similar to the last one, but slightly different. 


The whole look of your product (whether physical or digital) will be determined by your marketing efforts. If you learn marketing first, you will know how to make your design and whole brand resonate with people you are selling to. 


If you have an energetic, strong, bold look, but the people likely to buy from you are calm and mellow, you might miss the mark and miss out on sales. 


If mostly men buy your product, but your design is feminine, again you will miss out on sales. 


You want to know:

-what does my audience fear?

-what do they desire in life?

-what other brands do they love?

-What are their biggest frustrations?

-what motivates them?


All of these questions are answered by learning marketing first, and then you make your design and copy (the words you use) match in a way that connects with them emotionally. 


I know you have that idea that you are SURE (I mean, you think) is going to work, but wouldn’t it be better to KNOW it will work, because you have crafted the perfect messaging that will resonate with a proven group of people?


This is why I LOVE affiliate marketing. With it, someone ELSE has done all of the research, design, and messaging and put in the work of creating a product with all of the customer service, payment processing, and funnels that go with it. 


You get to just focus just on learning and practicing the marketing part and get really good at it before you eventually create your own product, armed with the skills to sell it on the first shot. You are, in essence, a big cheerleader for someone else’s product.


To get you started, check out this free book by my friend and mentor, Dean Holland, multi-million dollar affiliate marketer. He genuinely wants to see new marketers succeed and has been through all of the challenges we face. Read about his story HERE

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